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Our fun youth sailing day camps start in July!

LDSC provides an ideal environment for youth to learn to sail:

Youth preparing a Hobie Wave

  • Youth sailing day camps integrating fun on and off the water games including the occasional swims
  • Experienced and Sail Canada certified instructors who share their passion for sailing
  • Programs based on the Sail Canada CANSail curriculum (see below)
  • Friendly cottage atmosphere with pebble beach for easy boat launch
  • Sailboats well adapted for beginners: Laser, Quest RS, Open Bic and Hobie Wave
  • Course results are recorded on-line and portable to other training programs run through Sail Canada

LDSC offers a unique sailing training program for youth, with small class sizes. Our grounds have many trees that provide shade; a stone beach, and a swimming dock. It’s like learning to sail at the cottage!  Family members are welcome to enjoy the grounds, and observe lessons from shore. Camps run from 9:00am to 4:00pm. (Drop-off at 8:45; pickup by 4:30).  

We follow Sail Canada CANSail training programs for our Learn to Sail Programs. The programs consist of standards that promote progressive training of skills and knowledge. CANSail programming means a lot of time spent on the water in a safe, fun, and active learning environment. Our certified instructors will be teaching CANSail 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each CANSail level takes approximately 5 days to complete on average. Adept students have been able to complete multiple levels in this time frame. Sailors receive a CANSail certificate should they pass their level(s).

Introductory Programs - CANSail 1 and CANSail 2: Fundamental Skills Acquisition (Age 8 and older)

Several youth sailing Lasers

A fun sailing program, in which students sail Lasers in pairs. Requests by two students to sail together will be granted as long as safety standards can be guaranteed.

CANSail 1 - Introduction to Sailing. CANSail 1 teaches sailors the fundamental sailing skills and boat handling on all points of sail. Sailors can sail within defined boundaries set by a coach.

CANSail 2 - Basic Sailing. CANSail 2 teaches sailors to adjust their bodies and boats for changes in direction and wind speed while sailing and to perform boat handling maneuvers.

3 Weeks to choose from:

  • July 2 to 5  (Weekdays. No class July 1)
  • July 8 to 12 (Weekdays)
  • July 15 to 19 (Weekdays)


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Intermediate Programs - CANSail 3 and CANSail 4: Fundamental Skills Consolidation (Age 11 and older)

Youth receiving on-land instruction

A fun sailing program, in which students sail their own Lasers or Quest RS in duo.

CANSail 3 - Intermediate Sailing. CANSail 3 teaches sailors to integrate the fundamental boat handling maneuvers, as well as applied sail trim. Sailors participate in a race to learn tactics.

CANSail 4 - Advanced Sailing. CANSail 4 teaches advanced boat handling skills where sailors can successfully execute maneuvers in competitive settings and for tactical and strategic purposes.

A 2 week program:

  • July 22 to August 2 (Weekdays)


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What does my child need to bring?

  • Have them prepared to get wet! They will be spending 70% of the time on the water.
  • A change of clothes, a bathing suit, a towel and a windbreaker are recommended.
  • A life jacket (they must be comfortable swimming while wearing a life jacket).

Youth jumping into the water