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Racing at LDSC

For over 50 years, sailors young and old have been chasing each other around the buoys on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Be warned! Racing is addictive and a sure-fire way to develop your  sailing and boat-handling skills. 

Our racing program is geared to people of all levels, it is not just for experts and is broken into different start times for small boats: dinghies and cats.

In addition to weekly races, LDSC hosts an annual Commodore's Cup Regatta.


Getting Started

One way to begin racing at LDSC is to attend racing information sessions, learn how to sail and learn the racing rules.  The best way to learn is to get out and do it!

If you already have a boat, plan to join our weekly races, held most Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  Members of all skill levels are welcome.  Just show up well ahead of race start time.

Please note that for everyone's safety, all racing participants must be familiar with the racing safety rules and regulations.

Youth preparing a Hobie Wave

Don't know anything about racing?

Don't know anything about racing? Don't worry, we have you covered!

Sailboat racing is a great way to accelerate the learning curve and is fortunately one of those sports where you don't have to learn every rule in order to participate, but you do have to know the basics.  Early each season, we offer racing information sessions which covers off the need-to-know basics to get you started and how to join our crew of members who run all our races.

Get started now with our Beginner's Guide to Racing.  If you have any questions about our racing program, contact the LDSC Rear Commodore.