What does it mean to be a Club Boat Members ( LDSC members with access to club boats)?

Club Boat Members are full members of LDSC and so have the same benefits and responsibilities as all other LDSC members.   Members can access and use the LDSC grounds, clubhouse and barbecues from May to October.  They can bring guest with them.  They can and do participate in club races and social events.  At LDSC, work is done on a voluntary basis to keep membership costs down.   Therefore, members are asked to help maintain LDSC facilities and support LDSC programs and social events.   In addition, Club Boat Members are responsible for doing the rigging, de-rigging,  (including the proper storage of sails and line etc) maintenance and repair of the club boats. 

What boats are available to Club Boat Members?

The club boats are nine Lasers, three OpenBics, a Wayfarer, an Albacore and four Hobie Waves.  The Lasers are rigged  with regular Laser sails. In addition, for the Lasers, a limited number of smaller 4.7 sails with spars and radial sails with spare are available for lighter sailors.  These boats and sails will be pointed out to Club Boat Members at the start of the season.

Is there a fee for accessing the club boats?

Yes, Club Boat Members pay a fee above regular membership fees for the right to access the club boats.  An additional club boat access fee is $80 per family.  This fee is in addition to the standard membership fee..

How does Lac Deschenes Sailing Club (LDSC) contribute to the club boat program?

LDSC has purchased the boats, provides storage for the boats and pays for any parts and materials required to repair the club boats.

What is the role of the Club Boat Director?

The Club Boat Director coordinates and facilitates the club boat program  by convening work parties of club boat members to set up the boats in the spring, repair the boats and put the boats in storage in the fall.  The director is also responsible for the purchase of materials and equipment required to maintain the club boats.  He represents the interests of club boat members on the LDSC executive.   The Club Boat Director is not responsible for working on the club boats.

Do club boat members have to serve on the race committees and social committees?

Yes, club boat members, like all LDSC members, have to serve on the race committees and social committees.  LDSC depends on volunteers to maintain and operate the club, club programs and to keep fees low.

Can club boat members serve on the LDSC executive?

Yes, senior Club Boat Members are full members of LDSC and so can and should serve on the executive.

Why do Club Boat Members have to do the repairs on the club boats?  Why do they have to set up the boats in the spring and de-rig and store them in the fall?

The club boats belong to the LDSC but are for the exclusive use of Club Boat Members and are available throughout the sailing season.  As the users of the club boats, they are responsible for care and maintenance of these boats.  LDSC is a volunteer club.  Therefore, members, according to their skills and use of the club, do the various tasks for the benefit of the club as a whole.

Club boat members pay several hundred dollars as members, why are they require to do the work on the club boats and serve on LDSC committees?

Over 60% of the membership fees collected from all members is used for rent, insurance, electricity and the maintenance and operation of the clubhouse and other LDSC facilities.  Club Boat Members enjoy the same benefit as boat owner LDSC members.  An additional expense related to club boats for LDSC, is the purchase of the club boats and repair parts and maintains materials for the club boats and dollies.

How do club boat members book or reserve club boats?

There is no system for booking or reserving club boats for normal use.  Members can use the boats available when they arrive at the club or when one is returned.  For the commodore's cup or the Laser Masters regattas, boats can be booked up to one week ahead, by recording planned use in the logbooks in the clubhouse and emailing other Club Boat Members.  If you change your mind you must come to the club and un-book the boat.

How will the Race Committee know who is the skipper of the club boat in a race?

If the skipper of a club boat wishes to be scored for that race, the skipper must tell the race committee before or right after the race that he/she is racing club boat number XXX and their name.

Why do members need to check and fill out the logbooks in the clubhouse?

COVID-19 update The use of Logbooks has been suspended.

The logbooks provide a place to record use, report status and any problems with the boats and book boats for regattas.   A Club Boat Member can look at the log to see what boats are available.  The logbooks provide important information for the planning and operation of the club boat program.

Do Club Boat Members have to show a proficiency to sail?

All club boat members shall demonstrate to the Club Boat Director, or his/her designate, a proficiency in preparing, sailing and mooring each class of club boat that they wish to skipper.  The member will have to safely do the following actions: rig, launch, sail upwind, sail down wind, tack, jib, land and de-rig the boat. In addition, they will be required to heave-to the Wayfarers and Albacore.  Crew do not have to demonstrate sailing proficiency.  However, the skipper is responsible to ensure that his/her crew can perform the duties of a crew.

How does the member show a proficiency to sail?

The Club Boat Members ( Senior, junior or student) can demonstrate this proficiency by:

  1. a written (email is OK) statement that he/she successfully completed a sailing course; or
  2. sailing the class of boat that they wish sail in front of a designated third party ; or
  3. a written (email is OK) statement (Senior members only) that they have the required skills for the class of boat they wish to sail.

Does LDSC offer any adult sail training?

LDSC will be offering adult sailing classes in the evening in June and/or July.  Adult sailors can be coached by other LDSC members or mentored on one on one basis by volunteer LDSC members to fast-track new members into sailing and racing.  Members can post a request for help on the LDSC bulletin board or web page.  They can also contact the Club Boat Director.

Does LDSC offer any youth sail training?

LDSC has certified sailing instructors and will be offering youth sailing courses on weekdays in July.

What happens when a boats is in need of repair. How is this reported?

The club boat member sailing the boat reports in the log for that boat that it is no longer sail-able.  He/she then contacts by email or phone the club boat director or his/her designate to work out a repair plan.  Repairs are then done by the club boat members .

For more information on LDSC’ club boat program see Section 13 of the Club Rules and Regulations.