LDSC has twenty club boats that are available for use by all LDSC senior, student and junior members whose family has Club Boat Access.  These members are referred to as Club Boat Members.  Club Boat Member Families pay a fee above regular membership fees for the access to the club boats.  The additional club boat access fee is $50 per family. This is in addition to the standard membership fee.

All Club Boat Members must demonstrate sailing proficiency for the class of boat they wish to use.  This proficiency involves the following sailing actions: rig, launch, sail upwind, sail downwind, tack, jib, land and de-rig the boat.  In addition they will be required to heave-to the Wayfarers or Albacore.  Club Boat Members are required to record, in the club boat logs, their use of the club boats by signing out the boat in its log.   They are also required to report any problems with a club boat in the logbook as well as reporting the problem to the Club Boat Director or his delegate by phone or email.

The Club Boat Members (Senior, junior or student) can demonstrate this proficiency by:

  1. a written statement (email is OK) that he/she successfully completed a sailing course; or
  2. sailing the class of boat that they wish sail in front of a designated third party ; or
  3. a written (email is OK) statement (Senior members only) that they have the required skills for the class of boat they wish to sail.

The Club Boats are ten Lasers, three OpenBics, a Wayfarer, a CL16, an Albacore and four Hobie Waves.  The Lasers are rigged with regular laser sails.  In addition, for the Lasers, a limited number of smaller 4.7 sails with spars and radial sails with spare are available for lighter sailors.   The boats are available at all times during the sailing season, provided they are in sailing condition, not being used by the sailing school or not in use by another Club Boat Member.  Club boat members are responsible for setting up the club boats in the spring, the maintenance and repair of the club boats throughout the season, de-rigging the boats and putting the club boats in storage at the end of the sailing season.  Club boat members perform all the activities on club boats that a boat owner would do on his/her boat.  However, these activities are shared between all Club Boat Members.  The cost of any parts or materials to repair the club boats is covered by the club.  LDSC also purchases any new or replacement club boats.

There is no system for booking or reserving club boats for normal or regular use.  Members can use the boats available when they arrive at the club or when one is returned.  For the commodore's cup and the Laser Masters regattas, club boats can be booked up to one week ahead, by recording planned use in the boat’s logbook located in the clubhouse and if possible emailing the other Club Boat Members.  If you change your mind you must go to the club and un-book the boat.

The Club Boat Director is responsible coordinating and facilitating the club boat program.  This director is responsible for the club boat budget.  For example, if a club boat or its dolly needs some repairs, the Club Boat Member advises the Club Boat Director of the need.  Together they decide on what, how and when to repair the boat or dolly.  The director will make arrangements for the purchase of any needed parts and materials and the Club Boat Members will make the needed repairs.

Club Boat Members are full LDSC members and so can use all club facilities such as the grounds, the clubhouse and the BBQ.  They can participate in all club activities, social, racing and other.  Club Boat Members are required to do their share of club work such as club opening and closing plus social and race duty.  Club Boat Members can and have served on the LDSC board of directors.  They can take a lead in organizing cruises, social or other club activities.   In short, Club Boat Members have the same rights and responsibilities as boat owning LDSC members.

There are Rig/Derig videos for the OpenBics available:

Open Bic Rigging Video

Open BIC DeRig Video