The club boat program allows members to sail several different classes of boats without the capital cost of buying a boat. Club boat members are required to do the work needed to store and maintain the club boats, but LDSC pays for any parts or materials required.

Lac Deschenes Sailing Club owns twenty sailboats.  These club boats are ten Lasers, three OpenBics, one Wayfarer, four Hobie Waves, one CL16 and an Albacore.  The Lasers are rigged with regular laser sails.   In addition, two radial sails with spars and two 4.7 sails with spars are available for lighter sailors.  Club Boat Members have access to these boats throughout the season.  They can cruise or race with them as an owner would.  In addition to club boat access fees, Club Boat  Members are required to do the work needed to store and maintain the boats.  LDSC pays for any parts or materials required.  LDSC Club Boat Membership is a great way to start sailing or to expand your sailing experience.

Read More for COVID-19: LDSC Club Boat Code of Conduct

LDSC Club Boat Code of Conduct v1 (5-June-2020)

1. Club boat members are required to provide their own:

  • a. Life jackets or PFDs
  • b. Whistle or sound signaling device
  • c. 15 m of buoyant rope with a float on the end
  • d. Paddle or manual propelling device
  • e. Waterproof flashlight
  • f. Bailer (if vessel is capable of taking on water)
  • g. Wear gloves

2. Club boat members are required to wash with soapy water all surfaces of boats and dollies that have been touched before and after use, paying special attention to:

  • a. Tiller
  • b. Sheets and halyards
  • c. Gunwales
  • d. Drain plugs
  • e. Dolly handles

3. Club boats shall be washed as far away from the shoreline as practical, to minimize the contamination of the river with soap or any other cleaning agents used.

4. Club boat members are responsible for providing the following cleaning equipment:

  • a. Bucket
  • b. Large sponge or cloth
  • c. Gloves, goggles, masks or other personal PPE

5. The club shall provide:

  • a. Soap
  • b. Access to water from an outdoor hose

6. Club boat members accept all risks associated with cleaning club boats. They shall wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water after cleaning boats, and take care to properly clean or dispose of at home any cleaning equipment used.

7. When not in use, cleaning equipment shall be neatly stored where it does not block access to club boats or facilities.

8. While the LDSC COVID-19 Code of Conduct is in place, club boat log books shall not be used.

9. Any individual using a club boat acknowledges that it is not possible to know who has used the boat previously or the standard to which it has been cleaned, and is willing to accept all risks associated with club boat use.

10. Club boat members shall contact the Club Boat Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to report all repairs or other issues with any club boat. The Club Boat Coordinator is not responsible for performing any repairs, but shall facilitate their completion by other club boat members.