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The club boat program allows members with and without a boat to sail several different classes of sailboats without the capital cost of buying a boat.

Lac Deschênes Sailing Club owns twenty two sailboats:

  • eight Lasers (ideal for one adult or two teenagers)
  • five Hobie Waves (small catamaran ideal for one or two persons)
  • three Quest RS (ideal for families of up to five or up to four adults)
  • three Open Bics (ideal for one or two teenagers)
  • one Wayfarer (not ready), one CL16 and one Albacore (ideal for up to three adults)

In addition for the Lasers, two radial sails with spars and two 4.7 sails with spars are available for high winds and/or for lighter sailors.

Club Boat Members have access to these boats throughout the season.  They can cruise or race with them as an owner would.  In addition to Club Boat access fees ($94.50 + $511.19 family membership or $194.48 if you are 30 or younger) Club Boat Members are required to do the work needed to store and maintain the boats.  LDSC pays for any parts or materials required.  LDSC Club Boat Membership is a great way to start sailing or to expand your sailing experience and bring friends.


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